One of the most important aspects for any company operating in the commercial sector is undoubtedly the efficiency of goods transport. The difference between success and failure depends on the choice of your partner in this sector. Svevatrans has been a point of reference for years for anyone who wants to emerge and achieve their goals.

What is the secret of SVEVATRANS? How do we make a difference for you?

Our secret lies in the ability to offer a modern and efficient vehicle fleet. All of our vehicles are subjected to scrupulous maintenance cycles in certified workshop. The ability to refuel them through a proprietary service allows us to offer an impeccable service.

Our transport network, developed since 1965 with almost 60 years of experience in the sector, allows us to satisfy any need, also under tax consolidation for door-to-door deliveries. In this case, goods from different origins are picked up by the different senders and unified according to the transport needs, the so-called MILKRUN service.

In this context Svevatrans deals with:

  • National and international transport for partial and / or full loads
  • FTL, LTL, MILKRUN for the main European routes
  • Custom clearance
  • Insurance